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Ep. 9 - Gender Roles & Scripture (Pt. I) - Nathan Gilmour

June 16, 2018

In this episode we welcome our second guest, Nate Gilmour. Nate is a Professor of English at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia, and is the host of the Christian Humanist Podcast. Nate has a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Georgia, with a Masters in English and Religion, with a concentration in Old Testament.

Nate has deep experience both teaching in academia and pastoring in the Church. Beyond his extensive knowledge and experience in philosphy and theology, he is versed Old English, Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Latin.

In this episode, Nate throws us into deep end of the women's roles debate. We discuss Egalitarianism vs. Complementarianism, Paul's vision, Biblical interpretation, and how to disagree well.

We had a few technical challenges during the recording, so thanks in advance for bearing with us! 

Thank you, again, to Nate for being such a fantastic guest.

Stay tune for additional episodes on the subject - just the tip of the iceberg...



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