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Ep. 25 - Sharon Galgay Ketcham - Reciprocal Church

December 25, 2018

In this episode we welcome author, professor, and practical theologian, Sharon Galgay Ketchum, to discuss her new book, Reciprocal Church: Becoming a Community Where Faith Flourishes Beyond High School.

As two adults who grew up in church, Stephen and I enjoyed discussing everything from the "nones" and the "dones" to the Church as vital, the relationship between the individual and the church, and raising kids in a Christian context today.

Parents, church leaders, pastors, and anyone interested in inter-generational dialog/growth/transformation will enjoy greatly!


About Sharon: 

Sharon Galgay Ketcham is professor of theology and Christian ministries at Gordon College in Massachusetts. She earned her Ph.D. in theology and education from Boston College. Sharon’s two decades of experience in ministry include serving the local church, researching, writing, teaching, and mentoring. As a practical theologian, she is a scholar for the Church and invites people to reflect theologically on lived Christian faith. She is the author of Reciprocal Church: Becoming a community where faith flourishes beyond high school in which she proposes a new vision for a person’s relationship with the church and the accompanying values and practices that allow faith to flourish for persons and communities. Sharon lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two children.